- General result with graphs and texts.
- Customer's Skin type and status.
- Detailed result with prescription.
Sales Promotion
- Product recommendation
- Shopping Cart
- Purchase record and management

•  A-ONE
One-Click Automatic Diagnosis System

Automatic skin Analysis

- Twin measurement by Scanner & Multi-Sensor.
- Accurate analysis of facial recognition
- Speedy and automatic analysis by Scanner and Multi-Sensor
 :  by Scanner - pore, sebum, wrinkle, pigment condition
 :  by Multi-Sensor - moisture, elasticity, skin tone, skin temperature
- Measured value on the original image by 3D application
- Configuration - control the sensitivity of sebum & sensor
- Adopted Canon camera : 14.7Mega Pixel - Adopted LED Light Source

Automatic Recommendation of products and Service

- Generates automatic recommendation of suitable cosmetics with Skin types : auto updating of products and services online. (Network version Only)

Diverse Function

- Customer database / Skin diagnosis / purchase Records/ Network Ver.(Option) / Etc.

High Compatibility with OS

- USB 2.0
- Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7

Composition of product

A-ONE Scanner / software (CD) / Lock Key / P-Sensor




configuration of the Screen


Main Screen
Taken in front of the face


by Normal, UV , Polarized Light




Measurement by multi-Sensor


Skin types & Description


Detailed Result


products Recommendation