Frequently Asked Questions compiled easy to understand from you.
Contact by phone content is divided into two major customers.
  Questions1 : “The Program is not Opened”   Questions2 : “The Camera doesn't Work”
  Questions1 : “The Program is not Opened”
• LOCK KEY doesn't install yet.
Chek out the installation of the lock key.
• Double installation
 Delete the slp1kdr file in
 C:(Local disk)-> Windows(or WINNT)-> System32-> drivers.
Duuble click the file in the
folder in our CD in a row.

• When the left side image comes up, the register installation is completed. Excute a SD Program again.
  Questions2 : “The Camera doesn't Work”
Click the right button on the mouse at my computer on the screen.
Then the right side image will come up,.
Click the Properties.
The System Properties is Opene.、Click the Hardware.
Click the  ③ 'device manager'.
Check out the 'imaging devices'.
if there is no 'imaging devices', install the camera again.
if there is a 'imaging devices' and the screen is black, just contackt us 82-2-523-8295
(Windows XP) the intial installation.
In Windows XP, you should use camera on the exactlysame part as you installed the camera before.
- Put the camera USB on the other USB port.
- Excute our program again.