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Imaging System

New born A-ONE Lite

A-ONE Simple


  • Scanner

  • Installation Disc

  • Lock Key

  • USB Cable

  • Power Cable


  • High resolution

  • Automatic facial

  • Result in
    one page

  • Pores
    in colors
    to the size

  • Ratio of Normal /
    Suppurative sebum

  • One-click automatic
    full-facial skin analysis

    • Simple automatic analysis with one click
    • Take 2 photos with Normal and UV light
    • 4 integrated skin analysis with High-Resolution Camera
      ▶ Measurement items: Pore, Sebum, Wrinkle, Pigmentation
    • Automatic recognition of
      eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows
      ▶ AI(Artificial Intelligence)-based facial recognition technology
      ▶ Auto-separating analysis of
      U zone and T zone
  • Accurate analysis
    and result

    • In-Depth analysis of pore,
      sebum (U-Zone, T-Zone), Wrinkle, Pigmentation
    • Separation by size of pore in colors
    • Ratio of Normal / Suppurative sebum of
      U-Zone and T-Zone
    • Compare and analyze the results
      ▶ Compare to value of customer's
      age group and ideal skin condition
  • Simulation of
    Before & After treatment
    (treatment with other devices)

    • Comparison of photos by the date of analysis
    • Recognition of changing face outline with Contour and Overlay function
    • Prediction and comparison of skin condition with Simulation function
      ▶ Recognition of change of the skin condition, redness, pigmentation and blemish removal
    • Recognition of change of the Analyzed value by graph with Histogram function
    • Verification of the height of the face by contour line
  • Various functions

    • Result report printed in 1 page
    • Recognition of skin surface with 3D viewer
    • Recommendation of suitable products to customer by registering products
    • Shopping cart, purchase list
    • Customer management
      ▶ Manage history records
      ▶ Manage purchase records
      ▶ Print analysis photo, Purchase list and
      Shopping cart page
  • Additional functions for user's convenience

    • Share data between connected networks
    • Multi languages provided
    • Recognition of skin age
    • Back up and restoration of data

Screen construction

Product information

Classification Contents
Model name A-ONE Simple
Size, weight of product Width: 302mm, Height:369mm, Depth: 480mm / 7800g
Manufacturer Bomtech Electronics
Warranty 1 year
Contact for repair service +82-2-523-8295(Ext. no.6)

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