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Imaging System

Small but powerful scope



  • KONG Camera
    & Stand

  • Program CD


  • Vivid images

  • Multi lens

  • Small but outstanding features

    • High-powered scope
      ▶ Useful for skin, hair, scalp and engineering
    • Zoom in / out by controlling the wheel from x1 to x300
    • Normal and UV Light available by products(Normal Kong, UV Kong)
  • Consultation
    with sample photos

    • Various sample photos of skin and scalp
      ▶ Add/Edit/Delete the sample photos
      ▶ Substantial explanation and comparison on each customer’s scalp and skin condition.
    • Full screen/ 4 Divided screen provided
  • Various functions

    • Take/Save/Print photos
    • Take and Save videos
    • Multi languages provided
    • Measure the length and angle of taken photos

Product information

Classification Contents
Product/ Model name KONG
Weight 200g
Manufacturer Bomtech Electronics/Korea
Warranty 1 year
A/S +82-2-523-8295(Ext no.6)

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