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Sophisticated design, Easy to use


Product name : Semi-permanent make-up machine
Model name : DIGITAL-HAND-WF
Please be sure to read the instructions before use and follow the user manual.
Please contact us at the contact number below if you have any inquiries about the product.


Body + Battery + Adapter + Stand + Charger + DC Input Cab


This device is used for injecting pigmentation inhaled into the disposable needle to mark the color pigment to skin.

  • 5 speed level

  • Both wired and wireless

  • Pause on the stand

  • Dual functions of MTS/PMU

Easy to use

  • Adjust 5 steps of speed and power by clicking the button.
  • Easy to adjust the length of needle by turning the adjustment ring. (Adjustable 0 to 2mm for MTS, 1.5 to 4mm for PMU)
  • Change needles between MTS/PMU for its purpose.
  • Simple operation

grasp feelings

  • Comfortable hand-piece design for users
  • Light weight
  • Pause for user’s convenience.

    • Pause right after putting down the hand-piece on the stand.
    • Convenient pause without any button controls.
  • Equipped chargeable battery

    • Wireless use with the chargeable battery
    • Battery Charger

    • Battery

    Both Wired and Wireless

    • Optional use between Wired and Wireless on user’s preference and the circumstances.

Disposable sterilized cartridges

  • Sterilized disposable needle cartridges
    (Purchase separately, consumables)

Applied our own patent technology

  • Hygienically prevents from being injected contaminant during the operation.
  • ※ Needle Cartridges are purchasable separately

Product information

Classification Contents
Product / Model name Semi-Permanent make-up/DIGITAL-HAND-WF
Permission Number / Date 14-2766 / 2014.012.03
Authentication Status Yes
Advertising Review Status Yes
Purpose of Use Both for Micro-needle therapy and Semi-permanent make-up
Manufacturer Bomtech Electronics / Korea
Warranty 1 year
A/S +82-2-523-8295(Ext no.6)

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