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Skin Care Devices

Thermal & Cooling mode at once.



  • Body

  • Adapter

  • Manual


  • Low noise


  • Vibrate/
    Microcurrent mode

  • Pure 24K
    Gold plated

Easy to use

  • Adjustable temperature from 5 to 40 degrees with UP/DOWN button
  • Operate the Vibration and Microcurrent mode with M/E button
  • Easy maintenance by cleaning the detachable head by water and drying with a cloth
  • Dual functions of Thermal Mode and Massage Mode at once,

    • Delicate temperature adjustment by 1C from 35 to 40 degrees
    • Hot Massage : Pore expansion, Blood circulation improvement, relieving muscle ache
    • Vibration mode : Maximize the thermal effect with gentle skin touch.
  • Microcurrent mode improving the cooling effect

    • Delicate temperature adjustment by 1C from 5 to 10 degrees,
    • Cool Massage : Pore tightening, Improvement of skin elasticity, relaxing edema
    • Microcurrent mode : Improved absorbance of the ampoule and solution.
  • 24K Pure gold plated

    • Minimize skin trouble, rash, allergy on the contacted surface by using 24K pure gold head.

Product information

Classification Contents
Product SKIN-AID
Manufacturer Bomtech Electronics/Korea
Warranty 1 year
A/S +82-2-523-8295(Ext no.6)

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